Hamas Issues A Statement Condemning Recent Comment By US Secretary Of State

BREAKING- Hamas issues a statement condemning recent comment by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, in which he accuses the movement of obstructing reaching an agreement.
⭕️Blinken’s statements are disconnected from reality, and they contradict the truth that confirms Hamas has shown flexibility more than once to facilitate reaching an agreement to stop the genocide war and aggression against our people.

⭕️Our flexibility collided with the obstinacy and procrastination of Netanyahu and his government, who put obstacles in the way of the agreement and seek to prolong their ferocious war against our people. The issue of the Israeli prisoners is not among their priorities.

⭕️The demands of Hamas and the resistance have been clear since day one, the same demands presented during last March, which were welcomed by all parties and mediators; a permanent ceasefire, the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation forces, the return of displaced persons to their homes in all areas of the Gaza Strip, intensifying relief efforts, and starting reconstruction.

⭕️The complete American role as a partner in the genocide war against our people, which continues to support Israel with weapons, ammunition, and political cover, completes its hostile role against our people through false accusations against Hamas.

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