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Entrepreneur and author HabbyFX hails from Osun State, southwestern Nigeria. One of Nigeria’s most influential Forex traders. The greatest and richest Forex trader in Nigeria.

HabbyFX’ Biography, Wiki and Quick Facts

Full Name: Damilare Ogundare
Famous Name: HabbyFX
Profession: Forex Trader, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Author
Age: 22 years old
Birthdate: March 18, 2001
Origin / Birth Place: Osun State
Education: UCLA, University of Lagos, Harvard University
Nationality: Nigeria
Marital Status: Unmarried
Girlfriend/ Dating: None
Net Worth: $2 million
Social Media Accounts: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTOk, Facebook

How much  is the Net worth of HabbyFX?

Due to his exceptional Forex trading prowess and broad investment portfolio, Damilare Ogundare aka HabbyFX has a net worth above $2 million. Damilare has become one of Nigeria’s most successful entrepreneurs and Forex traders by smart investments, strategic decision-making, and continuous pursuit of development and opportunity.

Damilare is the founder and CEO of Habby Forex Trading Academy (habbyforex.com), an online education center with three locations in Lagos State. His net worth is over $2 million. He is an ECOWAS Youth Ambassador and works with Infinox, ICM, and others.

The Richest Nigerian Forex Trader Habby made his first million naira at 18. He is enthusiastic about empowering others and has created many young millionaires worldwide.

Early Life and Birthplace:

Damilare Ogundare, from Osun State, Nigeria, entered a world of possibilities. Damilare was filled with curiosity and a thirst for knowledge growing up in colorful southern Nigeria. His bright mind and unquenchable curiosity for the universe showed from an early age.

Educational Qualification:

Damilare’s education was crucial to his achievement in his youth. His parents taught him hard work, tenacity, and integrity, influencing his character and future goals. Damilare excelled academically throughout school, showing diligence and ambition.

His career proceeded at the prestigious University of Lagos in Lagos State, Nigeria. Damilare studied finance and entrepreneurship while obtaining a degree.

Damilare discovered Forex trading in 2016 amid the University of Lagos’ hectic college life. Inspired by financial growth and the complexity of global currency markets, he started a quest that would change his life.

Professional Career of HabbyFX

Damilare struggled with market dynamics and trading tactics in his early Forex trading career. The unpredictable financial markets made him doubt his abilities to trade, like many beginner traders. However, his resilience and drive drove him to triumph despite all challenges.

Damilare learned Forex market trends and patterns through continuous research and practice. He used his hours of research and analysis to create his own trading methods to profit on market possibilities. His expertise and reputation made him a rising star in Nigerian Forex trading.

Damilare’s online character, HabbyFX, changed his life. He immediately gained a following of eager traders and enthusiasts due to his candor, skill, and personable trading style on social media. Damilare became a leading Nigerian Forex trader, making “HabbyFX” synonymous with success and innovation.

Famous Nigerian Forex Entrepreneur, Habbyfx, Photo Source: Instagram

Damilare launched Habby Forex Trading Academy to help aspiring traders. This instructional platform taught over 10,000 people how to excel in the Forex market through thorough training and mentorship programs. The academy gave budding traders the knowledge and resources to confidently navigate Forex trading through online courses, live webinars, and personalized coaching.

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Under Damilare’s innovative guidance, the Habby Forex Trading Academy soon became a top destination for prospective traders looking to improve and reach their potential. Damilare inspired hundreds of students to trade Forex by teaching them the skills and confidence they required to succeed in a competitive and ever-changing industry.

Damilare dedicated himself to community service and empowering Nigerian young beyond his commercial interests. He committed himself to philanthropy to uplift and inspire the needy, believing in the transformational power of education and mentorship. Damilare used his success and influence to help others through free trade signals, scholarship programs, and community involvement.

Damilare believed in the power of education and empowerment to alter the world throughout his philanthropy. He saw every opportunity to give back as a chance to plant hope and opportunity, fostering future dreams. Damilare’s philanthropy inspired optimism for a better future for all through financial support, mentorship, and activism.

Damilare invested strategically in real estate and other companies in addition to Forex trading and education. He used his Forex success to develop a wide and resilient investment portfolio, understanding the value of financial diversification and wealth preservation. Damilare’s business spirit and forward-thinking approach to investing in luxury assets and Lagos State properties made him a smart investor.

Awards and Honors

Damilare’s appointment as ECOWAS Youth Ambassador in 2022 was one of his greatest honors. Damilare was acknowledged for his outstanding contributions to youth development and empowerment in Nigeria, cementing his image as a pioneer and visionary leader.

Famous Forex Trader habbyfx, Photo Source: instagram

Personal Life

Damilare Ogundare has no romantic relationships and is solely focused on his career. Damilare keeps his personal life hidden despite his sudden climb to fame.

Social Media Accounts:

Damilare Ogundare, known as HabbyFX, has over 46.2 K Instagram followers. Damilare has created a vibrant online community where traders and enthusiasts can learn, share, and interact with like-minded people through his intriguing content and entertaining articles. He also available on Various Online Platforms. Here is the links of his linktr.ee. He run YouTUbe Channel Habbyforex Academy.

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