‘Forcing Abure To Resign Will Be An Act Of Ingratitude, Wickedness’

The Labour Party (LP) Deputy National Chairman, Ayo Olorunfemi, has declared the party’s National Chairman, Julius Abure, will not be forced to resign amidst the ongoing crisis and calls for his resignation by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC).

Naija News reports that the Labour Party has been embroiled in controversy following allegations of mismanagement and financial impropriety against Abure.

Also, the NLC has been at the forefront of the calls for Abure’s resignation.

It would be recalled that the NLC stormed the party’s headquarters on Wednesday, decrying the scheduling of a national convention, which it termed ‘illegal’.

Speaking on the development, during an interview on ARISE TV on Thursday, Olorunfemi emphasized the principle of due process and the absence of formal charges or convictions against the party’s chairman.

Olorunfemi noted that forcing Abure to resign would be an act of ingratitude and wickedness, considering his contributions to the party.

He said, “At our level, we should not base our judgement on allegations. Anybody can write against anybody and say he’s a thief and send it to the police. It’s the duty of the police to investigate and if the person is found culpable, they do the next thing by prosecuting him.

“But has anybody prosecuted Abure? Has he been charged to court? Has he been proven guilty? Has he been sentenced for committing any of the alleged crimes?

“You know people just take advantage of the position they are to give wrong information, and because of their selfish interests, they want to call a dog a bad name in order to hang it. But in this case, it won’t work. We are in the 21st century, where we can easily verify information. 

“We will not allow the chairman who brought the party to the level it is now to resign. That would be evil. That would be wicked and ungrateful. We will not do that.” 

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