FG Needs Your Support To Make Nigeria Better– Information Minister To Nigerians

The Minister of Information and National Orientation, Alhaji Mohammed Idris, has called for the collective support of all Nigerians to enhance the quality of life across the nation.

Speaking in Kaduna on Saturday, the minister highlighted the government’s ongoing efforts to implement programs designed to improve citizens’ lives, particularly citing the agricultural sector’s expansion following the removal of fuel subsidies.

“For the first time, our country is experiencing dry season farming being really implemented by the sub-nationals,” Idris noted.

Naija News reports that the minister’s address also touched on the government’s fiscal policies, including steps taken to ensure that subsidies are more strategically allocated.

“The Federal Government has resolved to no longer subsidize farmers who don’t have farms,” he stated, outlining a shift towards more accountable and effective resource use.

Idris also spoke about the recent appreciation of the naira against the dollar, which he described as a sign of the government’s commitment to stabilizing the economy for the benefit of all Nigerians.

Despite these positive strides, Idris appealed for patience, collaboration, support, and understanding from the public as the government continues to implement policies aimed at national benefit.

The minister also condemned the practices of hoarding essential goods, which he said undermines national well-being for profit.

“It has to be reciprocal arrangements, while the government does its best, every patriotic Nigerian needs to do the same for the country’s survival,” he added.

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