Elon Musk advises X users to unblock all blocked accounts

Social media platform X owner, Elon Musk, has advised users of the platform to unblock all accounts they have blocked in the past.

While the billionaire did not expressly state why this is important, he simply said, “it will bring you good fortune.” To make the unblocking easier, Musk said the platform will also add an ‘unblock all’ feature allowing people who have blocked several accounts to unblock all at once.

The advice from Musk comes as X also announced a change to how the block feature on the platform works. According to X, users will now be able to see the replies of accounts that have blocked them.

Change to block feature
Announcing the change via its Engineering handle, @Xeng, the company in a post on Friday said:

“We are making changes to how the block works. If a user who has blocked you replies to one of your posts, you will now be able to see their reply.

“This change enables you to identify and report any potential bad content that you previously could not view, safeguarding both your account and the overall integrity of our platform.

“These efforts are part of our ongoing commitment to aligning the block feature with our principles as a public town square. Our goal is to allow users to control their experience while maintaining the public visibility of posts.”

Users react

However, the new change announced by X has not gone down well with many of the platform’s users who prefer the status quo should be maintained. According to them, blocked accounts should not be allowed to see their posts.

Reacting to the announcement, an X user, @IgonorMathias, wrote: “Block should stay blocked, someone I blocked shouldn’t be able to reply to my post or see my post.”

Another user @CaninRoseVT queried the decision to change the algorithm for blocked accounts, saying, “Why can blocked accounts reply to my posts at all, or even bypass the block by commenting on a follower’s reply to my post? They absolutely should not be allowed on my post thread at all.

Describing the change as backward, @CzechArtGirl said: “So it’s not a “block” then if they have access to see your posts and can respond….but you as the blocker, cannot view theirs or reply. Seems backward to me.”

The block feature on X, formerly known as Twitter, helps users control how they interact with other accounts on the platform. This feature helps people to restrict specific accounts from contacting them, seeing their posts, and following them.

Last year, Elon Musk announced plans to remove the block feature from the platform. That, however, became impossible as both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store require every social media app listed on their platforms to have the feature

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