“Drivers should have canes in their cars” – Viral Video of Kids performing stunts on a moving truck in Ghana(WATCH)

Viral video of kids performing stunts on a moving truck in Ghana has caused an uproar online with social media users reminiscing about the stunts which they identified as “Aplanke” in their early days.

The little boys were recorded by an unknown person in a moving vehicle behind the truck, which was carrying a shipping container on the main road while they were hanging and changing their stunt styles with the rails of the container.

The video revealed the boys trailing on the road as they held onto the truck for support to perform their stunts; one of the boys laid on the container upturned.

However, some netizens recalled that the risky act of the boys was very rampant among young boys in their early days, stating that it is normal but a dangerous act while others opined that the kids were meant to be cautioned and punished.

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@_PerrySam So people saw the moving trailer with the kids behind didn’t prompt the driver to stop and beat some sense into them. Instead them dey record for social media. If my kid u do this herh lol

@SackBontaleAFC It’s dangerous tho but I guess it’s an upgrade … cos mandems used to do it Wey back …. Children will always be children but I hope they get someone to advise them

@aminmo225 Aplankey dey sweet until driver decides to overspeed

@YoungblackboyP I was doing this as a kid around age 8-10 . It’s normal 

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