Deadpool & Wolverine’s New Trailer Is Filled With Mutant Mayhem – Watch

Our first look at Deadpool & Wolverine earlier this year leaned heavily on the merc’ with a mouth’s official arrival into the Marvel Cinematic Universe-as its would-be savior. But of course, Wade’s not the only guy in the title this time, so it’s fitting that our latest look gives us a little more to sink our claws into.

Today Marvel released a brand new trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine, giving us a little more of an inkling of just what is going to bring Deadpool into the paths of one of the most iconic versions of one of the most iconic X-Men characters of all time: Hugh Jackman’s take on the Wolverine.

It’s a Marvel movie in 2024 however, so even beyond Logan-presented here as a washed out, traumatized former hero who apparently doomed his whole world-there’s a lot of multiversal threatening going on. And we also get another glimpse of Emma Corrin’s mysterious villain… and although their name isn’t uttered, their appearance and powers definitely make this look more and more like we’re dealing with one of the most fascinating X-Men villains of all time: Cassandra Nova, architect of the Genoshan Genocide.

Deadpool & Wolverine hits theaters July 26.

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