Caroline Celico: 7 Untold truths about Kaká and his ex-wife

Here’s everything you need to know about Kaká’s failed marriage to his ex-wife Caroline Celico.

Brazilian football legend Ricardo Kaká, has recently made the headlines over his failed marriage to Carolina Celico.

The 2007 Ballon d’Or winner and former AC Milan star, who will be 42 later this month, saw his 10-year marriage to the Brazilian socialite and singer end in 2015.

However, the couple have recently gone viral over an unconfirmed quote from Kaká’s ex-wife, on why she parted ways with the former Real Madrid star.

Kaká and his ex-wife Caroline Celico

1. Who is Caroline Celico?

Kaká ex-wife Caroline Celico

Caroline Lyra Celico is a Brazilian socialite, singer, and former Evangelical pastor at the Reborn in Christ Church, which she left in 2010. Celico is famous for being the ex-wife of one of the most talented Brazilian footballers of all time, Ricardo Kaká.

She got married to football player Kaká from 2005 to 2015.

2. Caroline Celico Age

Kaká ex-wife Caroline Celico

Caroline Celico was born on July 26, 1987, in São Paulo, Brazil.

As of April 2024, she is 36 years old.

She has one younger brother, Enrico.

3. Her parents divorced when she age 6

Caroline Celico’s parents reportedly divorced when she was just six years old.

Celico lived most of her childhood with her mother, who was the director of designers at French multinational fashion house Christian Dior S.A, commonly known as Dior.

4. How did she meet Kaká?

Kaká and his ex-wife Caroline Celico

In 2002, while she was schooling at St Paul’s in São Paulo, she met Kaká.

Caroline and Kaka met each other when she was 15 and Kaka was 20 at that time.

Kaká and his ex-wife Caroline Celico

They dated for two years, during which Kaká was mostly away to play for A.C Milan.

During that time, Celico joined Kaká’s church and later became a pastor.

During a vacation to Milan, Kaká proposed to her, and the couple were married on 23 December 2005, in São Paulo.

Kaká and his ex-wife Caroline Celico

Together, they have two children, a son and a daughter.

Later on, the couple moved to reside in Spain with their children following Kaká’s move to Real Madridin the summer of 2009.

However, in 2013, they moved back to reside in Milan, Italy, after the iconic playmaker decide to return back to playing in the Serie A.

5. Kaká and his ex-wife announced their divorce in 2015

Kaká and his ex-wife Caroline Celico

On July 31, 2015, Kaká’s and his ex-wife Caroline Celico took to Instagram to announce via a lengthy post, their decision to part ways.

Kaka wrote:

“We would like to announce it publicly that, after nine years together, we have commonly agreed to divorce. Our wedding has given us two beautiful and cute children whom we love so dearly.

We will continue to have, the gratitude, respect, and admiration for one another remains mutually intact. We ask for your sympathy and understanding to preserve our privacy at such moment of change.”

Meanwhile, Celico wrote:

“One of the most difficult decisions in our lives is choosing whether we want to walk together or apart.

Decisions that influence others, that interfere in more lives, that impact our lives and our memories forever.

It was 13 years together, a lot of emotions, a lot of stories, a lot of good and bad moments that we always overcame together. And most importantly, the two unique and special lives we gained with these 10 years of marriage.

This time we have been overcoming the most painful process that is separation for some time. It was not an easy decision, and it comes with delicate consequences and a grieving process.

I ask for the press’s collaboration in the upcoming notes. I ask for understanding from followers, fans, admirers so that they do not judge, do not launch comments with the small perception of the tiny part of our lives that has become public.

If not even family or closest friends could decipher it, how could those watching from afar?

Only Kaká and I know the truth of our distance and differences, perhaps normal or common, but not possible to resolve after countless attempts, over a long period of time.

The story we formed side by side was unique, successful, and will stay with us forever. I will always respect and admire you in all your virtues.

We will maintain a good relationship, of affection and esteem.

I wish happiness for us, as a family that we will always be, and wisdom to move forward.”

Till date, the exact reason for their divorce remains unknown.

Kaká and his ex-wife Caroline Celico

Although, Caroline reportedly hinted that the footballer allegedly cheated on her.

She said, “When a man cheats, it is a sign that his wife failed.”

Kaká and his ex-wife Caroline Celico

The former AC Milan star remained a single father for about four years before he decided to tie the knot with the Brazilian model named Carolina Dias.

Kaká wife

Meanwhile, Caroline is now married to her longtime boyfriend Eduardo Scarpa Julião.

Caroline is now married to her longtime boyfriend Eduardo Scarpa Julião

They got married on 25 September 2021 in São Paulo, and the couple are also expecting their first child together – a boy named Rafael.

Kaká and his ex-wife Caroline Celico

6. Kaká and his ex-wife have 2 children

Kaká and his ex-wife have two children

Kaká and his ex-wife, Caroline Celico, are still parents of two children.

A son Luca Celico Leite (born June 10, 2008) and daughter Isabella Celico Leite (born April 23, 2011).

7. Caroline Celico Social Media

Kaká ex-wife Caroline Celico

Caroline Celico’s marriage to Kaká has seen her amass over a million followers on her social media pages.

On Instagram alone, she currently boasts over 1.1 million followers on her verified page, making her one of the most followed ex-WAGs in football.

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