Barefooted man and woman cuddle throughout 4-hour flight – people are angry about it

Travelling by plane, although faster, is not always pleasant. Many factors can affect passenger comfort, and one of them is certainly the behavior of other people on board.

Whether it’s arguments, drinking too much, or excessive displays of affection, all of these can turn your flight into a nightmare.

According to the Daily Mail, a photo recently appeared on the X platform (formerly Twitter) of a couple who decided to push the limits of the comfort of other passengers on board the plane.

A user named Flea shared photos showing the couple lying on two armchairs, in a loving embrace, with their bare feet facing the corridor.

Airplane seats are not beds, and being barefoot on a plane is a breach of etiquette. The photos caused a storm on the internet. Internet users wonder why the cabin crew did not react to such behavior. “It’s not even safe,” one user commented. Another adds, “That’s why I never fly economy class.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that airline passengers have behaved in a way that arouses outrage. In 2019, a woman was photographed with her feet on the headrest of the seat next to her while her seatmate slept. Another time a passenger caused outrage when he used another man’s armrest to put his feet on it.

Behaviors like these show that while air travel is convenient and fast, it’s not always pleasant. Should cabin crews introduce stricter rules regarding conduct on board? Or is it a matter of education and respect for other passengers?

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