Aunty Ramota Net Worth, Age, Bio, Career, Husband, Instagram

Small-sized Nigerian content creator, Nollywood actor, and comedian Ramona Adetu is known as Aunty Ramota. She is a small-sized Yoruba actress, has addressed her viral video. She unintentionally cursed her admirers at a social occasion, causing social media buzz.

Aunty Ramota’s Biography, Wiki and Quick Facts

FUll Name:  Ramona Adetu
Famous Name: Aunty Ramota
Age: 43 years old
Birthdate: 1981
Nationality: Nigerian
Birth Place: Ikorodu,Lagos
Profession: Nollywood Actress, Comedian, Content Creator
Net Worth: $50, 000
Marital Status: Married
Husband: Ijoba Lande
Kids: Daughter
Sexuality: Straight
Gender: Female
Social Media Accounts: Instagram,

How much is Aunty Ramota Net worth?

Due to her success, Aunty Ramota has an estimated $50,000 net worth. While her financial success may pale in comparison to others, her wealth lies in the laughter and joy she offers to her followers worldwide. You may also read the bio of, Okawa Shaznay.

Early Life and Career | Age, Birthdate, Nationality, Ethnicity, Family and

Born Ramona Adetu in 1981 in Ikorodu, Lagos State, this 42-year-old Nigerian star has won over audiences with her infectious energy and originality.

Professional Career of Aunty Ramota:

She has overcome physical limitations to become a beacon of fun and innovation, engaging audiences on TV and on social media at 3 feet tall.

Aunty Ramota, a petite dynamo, has left her stamp on Nigerian entertainment history with her hilarious talent and charming personality. Due to her humorous performances in Nollywood films and active social media presence, she has garnered a large fanbase.

Aunty Ramota’s wedding images and videos went viral, revealing her personal life. Small-sized Ikorodu socialite, comedian, and Nollywood actor immediately gained Instagram fame for her unique story and extraordinary perseverance.

Social media has helped Aunty Ramota rise from obscurity to prominence. Her followers responded strongly to a simple Instagram request for help starting a business several years ago, proving her significant impact on the digital landscape.

Aunty Ramota Making Videos, Photo Source: Instagram

Since her humble beginnings, Aunty Ramota has blossomed into a creative, imaginative, and witty comic. Her witty, insightful social sketches reflect her own and universal truths. Aunty Ramota continues to delight her expanding fanbase despite being mocked for her girth.

Aunty Ramota’s life changed for the better because to Pastor Ademola Amusan Gabriel, a Nigerian entertainment philanthropist. Thanking everyone who helped her through the pastor, her story shows how compassion and community support can change lives.

Her socially conscious and irreverent comedy has won over Nigerian and international followers. Despite being mistreated owing to her height, Ramota has continued to make people laugh with her infectious personality and tenacity.

She inspires and shows that laughter is limitless and true greatness transcends the body in a world full of adversity. Aunty Ramota’s status as a renowned entertainer and cultural figure gets stronger as she continues to shine with her hilarious talent.

Personal Life | Who is Aunty Ramota Husband?

In a funny video, Ramota seemed to be married to her Instagram alter persona, “IJOBA LANDED,” but her relationship status is unknown. The Valentine’s Day comedy video quickly acquired popularity, demonstrating Aunty Ramota’s ability to captivate audiences with her charming humor.

Aunty Ramota Husband
Aunty Ramota Wedding, Photo Source: YouTube

Social Media Accounts:

Ramota charm extends to Instagram, where she has a loyal following as @auntyramota. She has over 400,000 passionate followers who impatiently anticipate her next comedy masterpiece. Her contagious humor and engaging material continue to captivate audiences. Also she use TikTok.

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