ARS 0-2 AST: Worst Mistakes Made By Arteta which contributed to Arsenal’s late downfall vs Villa

Aston Villa delivered a masterclass at the Emirates, leaving Arsenal stunned and Manchester City with a crucial advantage in the Premier League title race, according to Daily Star.

Here are the mistakes made by Mikel Arteta;

Too Many Attackers

Mikel Arteta’s bold decision to field an attacking lineup of five forward-minded players left the Gunners vulnerable to Villa’s swift counter-attacks.

Despite dominating possession, Arsenal lacked the precision passes of Jorginho, leaving their attackers struggling against Villa’s defensive block.

Change in Approach.

Former Manchester City defender Zinchenko’s inclusion in the lineup proved to be a stroke of genius, as he provided much-needed defensive cover alongside Declan Rice.

This move stifled Villa’s midfield and forced them to resort to long balls, which were easily dealt with by Arsenal’s solid defensive duo of Saliba and Magalhaes.

However, Arsenal’s impatience led to a change in approach in the second half, with Havertz being utilized ineffectively against Villa’s towering defenders.

Late Substitutions

Arteta’s reluctance to make timely substitutions further compounded Arsenal’s woes, allowing Villa to capitalize on their sluggishness and secure a vital victory.

Despite a late flurry of changes, including the introduction of Jorginho and Smith-Rowe, Arsenal failed to regain control of the match, ultimately succumbing to Villa’s relentless pressure.

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