Air Peace Rewards London-to-Lagos Solo Driver Pelumi Nubi With Free Return Ticket Back To London

In a heartwarming gesture, Nigeria’s leading airline, Air Peace, has offered a free return business-class ticket to Pelumi Nubi, the travel enthusiast who achieved the remarkable feat of driving solo from London to Lagos.

Pelumi Nubi’s epic journey, which spanned several weeks and months, captured the attention of many, as she braved the open road to reach her final destination in Lagos.

Her perseverance and adventurous spirit caught the attention of Air Peace’s chairman, Allen Onyema, who was eager to honor her impressive accomplishment.

During a meeting with Allen Onyema, she was commended for her remarkable achievement, and the airline made a generous offer in recognition of her remarkable journey.

Air Peace has now announced that they will be providing Nubi with a complimentary return business-class ticket to London, allowing her to complete the roundtrip in style.

In a heartfelt message shared on the airline’s social media platforms, Air Peace expressed its admiration for Nubi’s accomplishment, stating,

“Today, our Chairman, Dr. Allen Onyema, hosted Pelumi who recently achieved the feat of solo-driving from London to Lagos.

We commend her great achievement and have offered her a free return Business Class ticket to London.

Congratulations, Pelumi!”

The news of Air Peace’s generous offer has garnered the attention, praise and admiration from the public, who have applauded the airline’s gesture in recognizing and rewarding her remarkable accomplishment.



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