African student abroad gives hilarious response after being asked by Caucasian lecturer to make a sentence with “establish” (video)

An African student schooling abroad left his Caucasian lecturer confused when he was asked to make a sentence with “establish”.

The “establish” challenge has been trending in Nigeria. It sees women share an old photo carousel of themselves and then newer photos to show their glow-up.

“Esther was black and broke,,,” a voice says in the background as throwback photos of the participant play on the screen.

“When Esther see money, Esther bleach (establish),” the voice continues as recent glow-up photos of the person appear.

The student, who was asked to make a statement with “establish,” chose to use the background voice of the challenge as his sentence.

He said: “Esther was broke and poor…”

“Who is Esther?” his lecturer asked, confused.

“That’s my sentence, Prof. I want to finish,” the student replied.

“Who is Esther?” the lecturer insisted.

“You don’t know her, I know her,” he replied, to the amusement of his classmates.

“Oh. You can identify her. ‘My sister, Esther’, ‘My wife, Esther’,” the lecturer suggested.

“Ok,” the student replied and started again. “My wife Esther…”

The class erupted in laughter and the lecturer said, “Congratulations. Since last week you got married. I didn’t know.”

The student continued, “… was broke and poor. But when we married, she establish.”

“She established what?” the confused lecturer asked.

“She establish,” the student replied.

“Establish what?” the lecturer asked again.

“Her business,” the student said.

There was a murmur of confusion for a while before a kind student played the video for the lecturer, ending his confusion.

Watch the video below.

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