5 Zodiac Signs That Will Love You Unconditionally – No Matter What

Love makes their world go ’round.

By our very nature, humans tend to be fickle and, at times, even selfish. While we all may endeavor to regularly practice unconditional love, often as we attempt to protect ourselves from hurt, that’s not always the reality.

But in a day and age where true, unconditional love feels almost outdated, there are some zodiac signs that love with everything they have, making them as close to unconditional lovers as human beings can possibly get. Who are these mythical creatures, these – dare I say it – unicorns?

Here are the 5 zodiac signs that love unconditionally

1. Taurus

zodiac signs that love unconditionally taurus

Taurus lives and dies for romance. They love to love and they love to be loved. It’s love that gets them out of bed in the morning. Although it might seem like a contrast that a big, powerful, often possessive bull might be capable of loving unconditionally, let’s look at one of Taurus’ key personality traits: stubbornness. It’s that stubbornness, the unwillingness to give up, that keeps Taurus loving deeply and unconditionally. It’s almost as if it’s an act of defiance.

2. Cancer

zodiac signs love unconditionally cancer

Because Cancer is known for being so sensitive, when it comes to love, they can appear to be pushovers – but that’s not the case. Although Cancer, in being a hopeless romantic, loves with everything they have and unconditionally so, they’re no pushovers. Unlike Taurus, Cancer will not be made to look like a fool and will leave before you make them appear that way. However, that won’t stop them from loving you unconditionally from afar.

3. Sagittarius

zodiac signs love unconditinoally sagittarius

The reason Sagittarius loves so unconditionally? Because they’re equal parts optimist and risk-taker. Both traits that are extremely important to loving someone unconditionally. When something goes wrong, especially with their love, Sagittarius looks on the bright side of things. Then, if it looks like their love is in jeopardy, Sagittarius makes one hell of a bold move to keep it intact. Sagittarius doesn’t just love unconditionally, but works at keeping the love they know and have in place.

4. Pisces

zodiac signs love unconditionally pisces

When it comes to love, Pisces are a ball of mush. For them, love isn’t just about romantic love, but platonic love, too. Pisces is so full of love, sympathy, and caring for everyone in their life that they leave little for themselves. But while that may suck for Pisces, to be loved by Pisces is extraordinary. They’re not going anywhere, even in cases where they should turn and run.

5. Virgo

zodiac signs love unconditionally virgo

What keeps Virgo locked into an unconditional love is that they don’t know how to let go. While Pisces sticks around, swallowing their pride when they need to, Virgo’s love is trapped because they’re so easily overwhelmed that they’re not sure how to shake that love they have free. Similar to Pisces, this isn’t so great for Virgo, but super for those loved by Virgo. Virgo will forgive you time and time again because that’s all they know how to do.

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