5 Countries In The World Where Police Are Not Allowed To Carry Guns Around (Photos)

5 Countries In The World Where Police Are Not Allowed To Carry Guns Around

In Iceland, a Scandinavian island country in the European continent and bordered by Greenland, the Faroe Islands, and Norway, police do not carry guns as part of their standard equipment, although the police force has special armed units to respond to situations involving guns.

2. Botswana

In Botswana, a nation located in the Southern region of the African continent and flanked by Zimbabwe, Namibia, and South Africa, police officers are not allowed to carry guns during patrol, but only during incidents that may lead to them being confronted by armed criminals. The country has strict gun-control laws, and mirrors these in its patrol force. Officers do, however, carry expandable batons and pepper spray.

3. Samoa

In Samoa, an island located in the Oceania continent and flanked by Hawaii and New Zealand, private ownership of shotguns and rifles is restricted, handguns are prohibited, and all applicants for a firearm licence must show a genuine reason for ownership. The country’s police do not carry gun and the nation has no military.

4. New Zealand

An island country located in the South Pacific Ocean about southeast of Australia, New Zealand is one of the countries in the world where police do not carry guns. However, there are some exceptions such as police at international airports or special police groups known as the Armed Offenders Squad.

5. Norway

Bordered by Sweden, Finland, and Russia, the Kingdom of Norway is a Nordic nation located in the European Northern region. In the country, police officers do not carry guns, but they have a pistol and a MP5 submachine gun locked in their vehicle while on patro.

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