44 Reasons Why Your Long Time Boyfriend Will Never Marry You

As the spring comes, many woman think about marriage. How perfect it would be to be proposed in spring and getting married in summer. Yes, for women marriage remains a sacred thing that they would wait forever. They wished their childhood fairy tale will actually become real as her dream prince charming putting out a ring for them.

For women marriage is a sweet thing. While men don’t. Marriage is one complicated thing, and unexpectedly he has too many reasons why your long time boyfriend will never marry you. It’s not a coincidence that the Signs That Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose Soon hasn’t appear yet. Even though you have shown the best Wife Material Signs, he doesn’t seem to be moved a bit.

What in world make him hesitate to propose me? Is there any reasons why your long time boyfriend will never marry you? Here are the things that may be holding him:

1. He Doesn’t Want To Change

For men, marriage and love are two different things. While he still has his freedom, marriage would take it away somehow. Moreover, he hate the thoughts that he has to change after marriage. Especially when you make him to. Men are comfortable becoming his own self and nobody can change them. No matter how old his age, men are still little boys inside. He never grow up until he feels it’s time to.

2. He Still Wants To Flirt

he still wants to flirt

No, it’s not that he intends to cheat on you or not loving you anymore. He just loves to play around. He likes it when other chicks look at him in awe and he can flirt back on her. He can’t give up the chance yet. He enjoys his fame among woman. Knowing that it’s not the right thing to do after marriage, he’d rather not getting married first.

3. He Loves Freedom

Believe it or not, there are people who think marriage as a dungeon from where you unable to escape. The place never know what freedom means. It was the thing that he hates the most and become one solid Reasons Why Living with Your Boyfriend Won’t Led to Marriage. He still want to hang out with friends, he wants to travel the world, he wants to spend his weekends playing games, he wants to be as free as he is now.

4. He Has Trauma

The circumstance someone grow up in affects their thoughts a lot. To answer your question about the proposal, you might have to look back a little. Find out what marriage has done to him. It’s possible that he has trauma regarding to marriage. Maybe his parents were divorced and things not going well ever since? Do his marriage friends feel it terrible to get married?

5. He Never Consider It Serious

Okay, you may think marriage is sacred and you prepare for it thoroughly. So that you decide to move in together in preparation. Sadly he doesn’t think it that way. He never consider marriage as that serious. It’s the Reasons Why You Should Not Live Together Before Marriage while you two still has different view.

More Reasons For Him Not To Marry You

more reasons for him not to marry you

He has more reasons why he never marry you and you should know that. It’s not always about him, maybe you should look at yourself too. All the reasons why he wouldn’t marry you probably because of you.

  1. He doesn’t have a good vision regarding marriage.

  2. You are no challenging to him.

  3. You make your relationship going way too easy.

  4. You are willing to live together with him.

  5. He wants you to play hard to get.

  6. He doesn’t have the will to pursue you anymore.

  7. You look desperate for him.

  8. You control him too much.

  9. You seem to be worshiping marriage.

  10. You want to change him and he knows it.

  11. You’re too clingy as a girlfriend.

  12. Too many dramas in your life.

  13. You have many negativity in you.

  14. He’s not just that into you.

  15. He never has the intention to.

  16. You’re way too independent.

  17. You have a brighter career than him.

  18. He’s not ready to marrying all yourself.

  19. He doesn’t want to be tied down.

  20. He is just having fun.

  21. He is afraid of divorce.

  22. You never talk about marriage with him.

  23. He thinks you don’t want it to.

  24. You’re not his priority…

  25. …or marriage is not his priority.

He (Really) Will Never Going to Marry You If He…

he (really) will never going to marry you if he

Well, this is sad but it’s real. Truth is sometime hurt and you must brace yourself to the fact that he’s not going to marry you if he has these.

  1. He changes subject quickly whenever you talk about marriage.

  2. He told you he doesn’t believe in marriage, and he said it very casually.

  3. He becomes angry and offended whenever you bring up marriage.

  4. He doesn’t introduce you to his family.

  5. He’s getting more distant, seems like he plans any Ways to End Relationship in the Right Way.

  6. He doesn’t include you in his plan for the future.

  7. He never interested in your future.

  8. He threatens breakup whenever you fight.

  9. He said he need time to think about marriage.

  10. He hides your relationship status from others.

  11. You beg for him to marry you.

  12. He seems to never run out of excuse when it comes to marriage.

  13. He has a negative view on marriage.

  14. His family don’t approve you and he do nothing to it.

It’s actually up to you whether to continue the relationship or not. Even you have dated for long, doesn’t mean you have to hold on until the very end. Especially when you and him have different thoughts, it becomes his reasons why your long time boyfriend will never marry you.

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