15 Most Popular Drivers In Movies You Must Know

Hey folks! Hope you are doing well. Do you want to know the best and most popular drivers in movies? Like the most famous characters from films who gained prominence for their driving skills. Here we have prepared a list of the 15 best drivers for you.

Movies present a dynamic world of racing, chasing, and combating sequences. Action lovers crave these sequences and appraise them. Agree or not, these characters look amazing at driving sports cars, and high-tech cars because of stuntmen and most importantly stunt directors.

Other than that, some actors learn driving, and stunt driving skills to fit in the compelling role. They perform some chasing car sequences themselves, which adds more value to the character. In this post, we are going to discuss the characters who became popular as amazing drivers in movies. Let’s explore the list presented below. Here we go.

1- Dom Toretto: “Fast and Furious” Saga

The first one on the list is none other than Dom Toretto from the Fast and Furious movie. He is an amazing driver, or, we would say, an exceptional street racer in the movie series. Dom has driven several mind-blowing cars throughout the film franchise.

Some impressive cars include the 1970 Dodge Charger, the 1971 Plymouth GTX, and the 2011 Dodge Charger R/T. Dom is one of the most popular drivers in the Fast and Furious movies; there is no doubt about that. The cars used in this movie by Dom are amazing.

2- James Bond: “James Bond” Franchise

James Bond

James Bond is another skilled driver from the popular novel-based films. He drives effortlessly, catching enemies. He drove cars with several advanced features and weapons to chase them. Audiences love to watch Bond in car-chasing sequences.

Bond is one of the most popular characters and has been ruling audiences for decades. Several actors played the role of James Bond in different shows and movies. His driving skills make the action-packed sequences more appealing to watch.

3- Brian O’Connor: “Fast and Furious” Saga

Brian O'Connor

Fast and Furious character Brian O’Connor is another popular street racer. Brian is an undercover cop who investigates the streetcar racing scene. He became a skilled racer in the group. Toretto and Brian became friends after some time.

Brian appeared in some of the most interesting driving sequences in Fast and Furious. He drove numerous renowned cars, like the Toyota Supra, Hummer H1, Yenker Super Camaro, Nissan Skyline GT-R R34, and McLaren MP4-12C.

4- Max Rockatansky: “Mad Max” Franchise

Drivers in movies: Max Rockatansky

Next up on the list is Max Rockatansky from the “Mad Max” film series. As a Main Force Patrol Officer, Max has to maintain law and order in a complicated dystopian region. His best skill is driving; in combat situations, he proved to be the best driver.

Along with that, he can shoot sharply and precisely while driving. No matter how challenging the situation is, he appears to be an exceptional officer. Even he can drive trucks impeccably. He is one of the most amazing drivers in Mad Max movies.

5- Batman: “Batman Franchise”


And here comes the famous superhero “Batman.”. Batman fights criminals with an extensive array of specialized, high-tech vehicles and gadgets, most of which have a bat element in their designs. He drives smoothly and fast during combat situations.

He is one of the best detectives, with various physical and mental abilities. Batman has a personal high-tech vehicle, the Batmobile, which he drives to chase criminals. The Batmobile has a powerful stealth mode. Other than that, he also pilots Batwing and Batpod aircraft.

6- The Driver: “Drive”

 The Driver

The Driver is the protagonist of the action movie “Drive.”. Interestingly, he works as a stunt driver in the daytime and a getaway driver at night. He has amazing prowess behind the wheel. Ryan Gosling played the character well and he has done some stunts himself after learning a stunt driving car course.

Moreover, the character does not speak much, he has frequent dialogues. But his driving speaks it well. With its vintage appearance and strong engine, the 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle takes on a role that mirrors his personality.

7- Ricky Bobby: “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby”

Drivers in movies: Ricky Bobby

Ricky Bobby is one of the best drivers in the movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. He became a popular racer with determination and established himself in the NASCAR(National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing).

His quick reactions and instinctive understanding of racing dynamics make him a challenging competitor on the track. He wants to regain his position after a new competitor beats him in the race.

8- Fox: “Wanted”


Next up, on the list is the popular assassin Fox in the movie Wanted. She is one of the members of the secret assassin group The Fraternity. A fearless female assassin with deadly driving skills won the hearts of the audience. She drove amazingly and knew tactics to attack as well.

Fox witnessed the brutal killing of her father, she can’t forget that ever. She appeared in many chasing sequences that proved her driving and attacking capabilities. Actress Angelina Jolie portrayed the commendable role of Fox. She learned the stunt driving skills for this role.

9- Frank Martin: “The Transporter”

Frank Martin

Frank Martin is an exceptional driver and professional transporter recognized for his driving knacks. Frank finds himself in risky situations when transporting precious stuff. Here, his defensive driving techniques allow him to navigate dangerous terrain, avoid pursuers, and protect his cargo.

Moreover, Frank is the lead character in The Transporter film franchise. His military skills honed through time in the Irish army ranger wing helped him a lot. It includes explosives, sharpshooting, elusive driving, and hand-to-hand combat.

10- Baby: “Baby Driver”

Drivers in movies: Baby

Miles Prower aka Baby is a carjacker who developed tinnitus after his parents’ death. He becomes a getaway driver for Atlanta-based criminal leader Doc. Baby drives customized cars for his theft missions outplaying law enforcement and competitors.

Doc hires him for multiple heists, and his skill with these vehicles allows him to chase rival criminals. Baby possesses over-the-top driving skills whether he’s driving through tight areas, winding through traffic, or making daring getaways.

11- John Wick: “John Wick Series”

John Wick

John Wick is one of the most popular fictional characters from the franchise. He is a deadly assassin. His reputation for exceptional efficiency and dependability garnered him enormous respect and fear within the criminal underworld.

John is also an excellent driver, he drove his vintage Mustang 69 on a race track as a hobby. He could kill enemies with vehicles, using sideswipes, reverses, and head-on collisions to cause massive damage. He became famous for his driving stunts as well.

12- Randall Memphis Raines: “Gone in Sixty Seconds”

Randall Memphis Raines

Randall Memphis Raines specializes in hot-wiring vehicles and escaping police authorities during high-stakes heists. After renouncing his criminal profession, he made a comeback to save his brother’s life. Memphis is a master of precision driving, capable of performing risky stunts effortlessly.

The plot of “Gone in Sixty Seconds” revolves around Memphis and his team attempting to steal 50 high-end cars in a single night. Memphis’s leadership and driving skills are robust to the successful completion of the massive theft. He is among the best drivers in movies.

13- Letty Ortiz: “Fast and the Furious” Saga

Drivers in movies: Letty Ortiz

Letty Ortiz is another skilled fast driver from the Fast and Furious Saga. Letty got into street racing in her teens. When she was fifteen, she competed in a street race against Dominic, which resulted in both of their automobiles colliding.

Letty is a good fighter with boxing and street fighting techniques. She easily outran an opponent in a race and was recruited to join Braga’s drug cartel, which required driving skills to cross the border at high speeds. Michelle Rodriguez did several of her character’s driving feats in the movie, which added credibility to the action scenes.

14- Bullitt: “Bullitt”


Steve McQueen plays the SFPD police officer and protagonist in the film Bullitt. Bullitt is famous for its revolutionary vehicle chase sequence, which is widely regarded as one of the best in cinematic history. He drove a Ford Mustang GT390 and engaged in a high-speed chase through the streets of San Francisco.

Bullitt is tasked by city prosecutor Walter Chalmers with protecting a crucial police witness in a mafia investigation. Steve McQueen, famed for his passion for cars and motorsports, performed many of his character’s driving exploits in the film.

15- Frankenstein: “Death Race”


Frankenstein is an amazing racer popular for his driving abilities in the dangerous and ruthless Death Race competition. The Death Race is more than just about speed, it also includes fighting. Frankenstein exhibits competence in using his vehicle as a weapon, employing offensive driving strategies to remove opposing racers and gain a competitive advantage.

Several Frankensteins have appeared over the years, government recruited each one to replace their damaged or slain predecessors. With each man using the same pseudonym and disguise, Frankenstein appears to be an unkillable opponent who can withstand any accident or injury.

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