14 Women On The Things People Seriously Need To Stop Romanticizing

Here are 14 women on the things people need to stop romanticizing.

1. Romantic relationships.

Romantic relationships. I feel like too many people act like they are the absolute goal in everyone’s life, and that any other types of relationships are, and should be of lesser value. Rich_Group_8997

2. Losing your virginity.

Losing your virginity.

As a young woman, I was led to believe it would be magical. It was painful, clumsy, messy and awkward and nothing like that at all. Bulliesvegetables

3. Being a mom.

Motherhood. I feel scammed by the society when it’s about how maternity is shown. It’s f*cking hard. It is still being so hard for me to build myself up after the birth and it’s very hard to open up to people about how I actually feel because of fear of being labeled as bad mother. I love my child, but motherhood sucks. Unusual_Sorbet1009

4. Being overworked and busy.

Being overworked/working all the time.

You’re not going to get an award for dedicating your life to work. No one will care, outside of maybe your boss, but the reality is, if you left your job, they’d find a replacement for you in a snap. blueeyedlies

5. Romance in general.

Paradoxically, people need to stop romanticizing romance. It is a very hard thing and requires grit, open communication, trust, and loyalty. All things that come with time; they are not instantaneous like most Disney movies preach. gobskin

The need to have the perfect engagement, wedding, anniversaries etc.

Also ‘professional’ photo sessions with a significant other.

It’s so cringy what people do just for social media attention. melasuarus

7. The “perfect life.”

The ‘perfect life.’ A lot of people believe that after graduation you should land a great job, meet the love of your life, get married, have 1.5 kids and live in a nice home. Things often don’t happen that way and that’s okay. The friends I do know who have more or less followed that path aren’t necessarily happier than the friends who haven’t followed that path. starskyandbutch

8. Toxic exes.

Crazy exes, there is nothing normal about someone damaging your belongings or calling you multiple times a day after breaking up. AdAwkward1635

9. Suffering.

Suffering as a badge of honor.

I grew up poor, fought like hell to get out of an abusive marriage, and worked my ass off with two jobs to care for a special needs kid to finally land in a career that allowed me to buy a home. Yay, but I don’t t wish that struggle or hardship on anyone so let’s fix our systems so people don’t have to suffer. EngineeringDry7999

10. Excusing toxic behavior for occasional romantic gestures.

Grand romantic gestures somehow cancelling out toxic behaviour. My mom is stuck in a relationship like this and it drives me nuts. brbgottagofast

11. Fixing men.

‘I can fix him.’ Stop. He literally is a horrible human. Bambiisong

12. Travel.

Travel. I love to travel, but not at the expense of having a home base. Also, travel involves a lot of tiring parts, and it’s not all enlightenment and glamour. mlle_keri

Constant contact. I’m sure a majority of people have cell phones, access to email, social media, etc. But stop confusing accessibility as availability and romanticizing the speed in which we reply to people to mean either A. They clearly love you or B. Clearly they hate you.

I am not available 24/7. StrongFreeBrave

14. Twin flames.

Manifesting that ‘specific person.’

Twin flames/Soulmates when actually it is a trauma bond and dysfunctional. MoonlightSun11

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