10 Greatest players in Manchester City history

Let’s delve into the annals of Manchester City’s greatness and explore the top 10 players who have graced the blue jersey

Manchester City Football Club, known for its amazing legacy in English football, continues to stand as one of the best clubs in England and around the World. From historic triumphs to recent dominance, the club has witnessed the rise of extraordinary talents who have left an undeniable mark on its storied history. Let’s delve into the annals of Manchester City’s greatness and explore the top 10 players who have graced the blue jersey.

10. Fernandinho (2013-2022)

In the realm of midfield talents, Fernandinho emerges as a towering figure. Despite lacking the glamour of amazing goal scorers, his pivotal role in creating City’s gameplay cannot be overstated. With impeccable tactical knowledge and unwavering dedication, Fernandinho shows the essence of a silent hero. His thunderous diagonal passes and occasional screamers have ignited countless City attacks, earning him a real status among fans and peers alike. Despite the passage of time, his influence remained undiminished, showcasing the timeless quality of his talent.

9. Alan Oakes (1959-1976)

From humble beginnings as a boot cleaner to writing his name in Manchester City history, Alan Oakes’ journey shows dedication and loyalty. With an astonishing record of 680 appearances, Oakes holds an outstanding position as the club’s all-time appearance leader. His easy demeanor and relentless work ethic endeared him to fans, establishing him as the beating heart of the City squad for nearly two decades. Oakes’ legacy serves as a testament to the enduring power of commitment and professionalism in football.

8. Yaya Touré (2010-2018)

Yaya Touré’s arrival at Manchester City started a new era of success, defying skeptics who questioned his suitability for the Premier League. Blessed with exquisite passing ability and an eye for spectacular goals, Touré’s impact was immediate and firm. His heroics in the 2011 FA Cup, manifesting in decisive goals, ended City’s trophy drought and ignited a period of unparalleled triumphs. In the following seasons, Touré’s instrumental role in securing league titles cemented his status as a City legend, ensuring his place among the club’s history of greats.

7. Peter Doherty (1936-1945)

In the books of Manchester City’s history, Peter Doherty’s name resonates as an example of skill and dedication. A virtuoso winger revered for his mesmerizing dribbling and prolific goal-scoring skills, Doherty mesmerized crowds with his amazing talent. His pivotal role in securing the league title in the middle of adversity stands as a testament to his indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment to the club. Doherty’s legacy continues to inspire generations of City faithful, embodying the essence of footballing greatness.

6. Bert Trautmann (1949-1964)

Bert Trautmann’s journey from a prisoner of war to a footballing icon shows the resilience of the human spirit. Despite initial skepticism, Trautmann’s remarkable goalkeeping abilities soon endeared him to fans, overcoming boundaries of nationality and prejudice. His heroic performance in the 1956 FA Cup final, playing with a broken neck, immortalized him as a symbol of courage and fortitude. Trautmann’s legacy serves as a firm reminder of football’s power to transcend adversity and unite communities in moments of triumph.

5. Kevin De Bruyne (2015-)

Kevin de Bruyne Manchester City

Kevin De Bruyne’s journey to Manchester City shows the resilience of talent amidst adversity. Following a small stint at Chelsea, De Bruyne found his true calling in the Bundesliga, where his stellar performances for Wolfsburg earned him acclaim as Germany’s Footballer of the Year. His arrival at City started a new era of dominance, marked by breathtaking goals and exquisite assists. Deployed in a deeper role by Pep Guardiola, De Bruyne’s visionary passes and dynamic runs have redefined the modern midfield world, establishing him as the face of midfield brilliance in the Premier League. Still going strong Kevin de Bruyne shows his resilience amid injuries and his longevity in the spotlight.

4. Vincent Kompany (2008-2017)

Vincent Kompany’s time at Manchester City was synonymous with leadership and courage. Signed for a bargain fee from Hamburg, Kompany’s transition from defensive midfielder to commanding center-back underscored his versatility and tactical acumen. As captain, he led City to their first league title in four decades, showcasing resilience with crucial goals and unwavering resolve. Despite battling injuries, Kompany’s defining moment came in the 2018/19 title race, where his thunderous strike against Leicester City propelled City to a historic triumph, sealing his legacy as an inspirational figure in Manchester City’s history.

3. Sergio Aguero (2011-2019)

Sergio Aguero Manchester City

Sergio Aguero’s legacy at Manchester City is immortalized by a single moment of unparalleled brilliance. With the title hanging in the balance, Aguero’s last-gasp goal against Queens Park Rangers secured City’s first top-flight title in 44 years, writing his name in football history. Beyond this iconic moment, Aguero’s amazing goal-scoring exploits, characterized by sublime finishes and clutch performances, endeared him to fans worldwide. With a record-breaking number of goals, Aguero’s ttime symbolizes an era of unmatched success and enduring legacy at Manchester City.

2. David Silva (2010-2020)

David Silva’s time at Manchester City was a symphony of artistry and elegance. Dubbed “Merlin” for his supernatural ability to create moments of brilliance, Silva’s arrival started a new era of creativity for the Citizens. Despite initial doubts about his physicality, Silva’s masterful command of space and unparalleled vision redefined the midfield role. From exquisite assists to decisive goals, Silva’s influence transcended mere statistics, leaving a huge mark on City’s style of play. Amidst personal adversity, Silva’s unwavering commitment and enduring brilliance solidified his status as a City legend.

1. Colin Bell (1966-1979)

Colin Bell in front of the Manchester City logo

Colin Bell’s legacy at Manchester City is written in history. Nicknamed “Nijinsky” for his graceful athleticism, Bell epitomized the essence of footballing greatness. A prodigious talent revered for his remarkable intelligence and lethal shooting skills, Bell’s contributions were instrumental in City’s triumphs on the pitch. From pivotal goals to mesmerizing displays of skill, Bell’s impact transcended mere sporting achievements, earning him the admiration of fans and a lasting legacy at Manchester City. As the namesake of a stadium stand, Bell’s memory continues to inspire generations, symbolizing the enduring spirit of Manchester City Football Club.

As Manchester City continues to script new chapters of success, the legacy of its greatest players remains an enduring source of inspiration. From the hallowed grounds of Maine Road to the modern marvel of the Etihad Stadium, these legendary icons have shaped the club’s identity and captured the hearts of millions worldwide. As we celebrate their achievements, let us honor their contributions and uphold the spirit of excellence that defines the essence of Manchester City. With rising stars like Erling Haaland, and already legends like Kevin de Bruyne in the team, the Citizens aim to further cement their legacy in football history.

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