Zamfara state reports mysterious disease outbreak with 4 fatalities and 177 cases

The Zamfara State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Aisha Anka, reported an outbreak of an unknown illness that has already resulted in four deaths and 177 reported cases.

The confirmation was made through a statement released by Malam Bello Ibrahim, the Information Officer at the Ministry of Health.

The unknown disease outbreak
The illness, presenting with symptoms such as abdominal distension, fluid accumulation in the abdomen, enlarged liver and spleen, fever, and overall body weakness, has been primarily affecting children across Maradun, Shinkafi, and Gusau local government areas.

The illness is found in Maradun, Shinkafi and Gusau local government areas in the state.”

Anka highlighted that the cases have been linked to water consumption, raising concerns over possible water contamination.

Children are mostly affected, and the cases are associated with water consumptions.”

Anka also informed that the outbreak has been officially reported to the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), alongside other partners and relevant stakeholders, as part of the state’s immediate response measures.

So far, four deaths have been recorded, 177 cases were detected,” Anka said.

The incident has been reported to the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), partners and all other relevant stakeholders.

In an effort to pinpoint the exact nature and cause of the disease, health authorities have dispatched a variety of samples, including those from biological sources (both human and animal), soil, water, agricultural products, and foodstuffs, to laboratories in Lagos and Abuja for thorough analysis.

The ministry of health is currently on the emergency response phase to identify the illnesses and causes.

“Various biological human and animal samples, soil samples, water samples, agricultural and foodstuff samples have been taken to Lagos and Abuja laboratories for analysis.

The Ministry of Health is actively engaged in an emergency response operation to manage and mitigate the outbreak. Dr. Anka assured the public and stakeholders that the ministry will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available and efforts to control the situation progress.

What you should know

Prior to the emergence of this illness, Zamfara State had been struggling with various health challenges, including outbreaks of diseases such as cholera and meningitis.

The state’s healthcare system has long faced significant challenges, including inadequate infrastructure, limited medical supplies, and a shortage of healthcare professionals.

Furthermore, Zamfara State is located in northwestern Nigeria, an area prone to environmental and socio-economic challenges such as poverty, limited access to clean water, and insufficient sanitation facilities.

These conditions create fertile ground for the spread of infectious diseases and exacerbate the impact of health crises on the population.

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