Widow blasts helper for giving her N65K out of N150K required to start a business

A Nigerian widow reportedly faced the unexpected after blasting her helper who offered her the sum of N65K after pleading for N150K to start a business.

A social media user identified as @AbiaIndigene00 recounted how a philanthropist, Mr Nuhu Fulani Kwajafa rendered help to a needy widow but was repaid with ungratefulness.

According to the narrator, Mr Nuhu gave the woman N65K but was displeased with the amount; hence, rain insults on her helper.

Unknown to her, the transaction would be reversed later, forcing her to apologise to her helper whom she had initially been ungrateful to.

“Yesterday , Mr Nuhu Fulani Kwajafa sent a widow #65,000 out of the #150,000 the woman said she needed to start her business.

When Mr Nuhu called the woman to tell her about the money he sent into her account as he also wanted to pray for her that God will send her more helpers to complete the money , the widow started insulting him.

She said she was disappointed in the man that the man only gave her ordinary 65,000.

According to Mr Nuhu, he said the woman also said that all the money Mr Nuhu company is spending comes from Government.

Mr Nuhu felt disappointed but there is nothing he could do cos he has sent the woman the money already.

Well, God of wonders did His job by reversing back the money into Mr Nuhu’s account and the ingrate widow has been calling him since.

I wonder where people got this self entitlement mentality from.

Someone decided to helped you in his own capacity , instead of thanking him and hoping God send more helpers to complete the target and start your business ,

You opted to show your devilish side by insulting him and telling him that the money he sent to you was too small.

You even have the effrontery to tell him that his company got the money they are spending from Government.

No doubt ,it is not good to help some people because if care is not taken and if they are being given a chance , they will not just drain you but do everything in their capacity to ensure you leave this life for them.

Anyways , am happy for Mr Nuhu.”

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