What will happen if you constantly charge your phone to 100 percent

Many people still remember how, before selling phones and other accessories on batteries, the sellers always ordered with words about the need to discharge and charge on full.

Many people continue to act this way, even if the smartphone is not new for a long time. Let’s find out whether there is a need for this now and whether it is necessary to charge gadgets to 100% at all.

First charge

In fact, this is a really important point, because proper charging extends the life of the device. But the first charge must be exactly to the level of 100%.

The fact is that the controller measures the energy that the battery receives and gives. In the future, it will be needed to adjust the work.

How to proceed?

After that, the device is no longer fully charged.

Specialists advise to stick to the levels:

If the charge level drops to 10% or less, the device may not turn on after that for some time even when the memory is connected.

This is provided by the manufacturer as a protective function.

If you constantly charge the gadget’s battery to 100%, its capacity will gradually decrease.

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