What If Arsenal and Man City Finishes on the Same Point and Same Goal Difference

What if Arsenal and Manchester City finishes on the same point and on the same goal difference.

What will happen and who will be crowned as champions?

When the teams are tied, there are so many ways to untie them.

The first is the goal difference. If they remain tied, then goals scored will be used to decide.

For now, Manchester City have scored more goals than Arsenal. 91 for City and 89 for Arsenal.

If both teams have the same number of goals scored and still remain tied, then most points in head-to-head matches will be used.

Arsenal has an advantage here having picked up 4 points against them.

If they remain tied after this, then most away goals scored in the head-to-head game will be used.

I doubt it will get this far.

If both teams end on the same point and goal difference, then City may likely win on more goals scored.

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