UTME: Even if you score 400 over 400 if you do not have five credits you are going no where-Oloyede.

During an interview on Arise Television, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede discussed the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) results, emphasizing that high scores alone do not guarantee admission. He addressed concerns about the perceived decline in this year’s results, stating that such issues have existed previously. Oloyede highlighted that while there was a slight improvement in scores compared to previous years, the attention this year was drawn to the new cumulative format introduced.

Oloyede clarified the purpose of the UTME, stating that it is not a pass or fail exam but rather a means to rank candidates. He emphasized that the examination does not determine who will pass or fail but aims to assess all available candidates. Additionally, Oloyede underscored the importance of having five credits, regardless of one’s UTME score, for admission into tertiary institutions.

The interview sheds light on the significance of the UTME results and the criteria for admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Oloyede’s insights provide clarity on the role of the examination in assessing candidates and the importance of meeting academic requirements beyond test scores.

Click the link below to watch the full details. Start from 00:41 to 03:41.

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