Top 10 countries that offer best work-life balance


Escape the grind!

Dreaming of a life where work doesn’t consume you? Look no further! Explore these top 10 countries renowned for their work-life balance.

Iceland  istock

10) Brazil

Brazil offers a vibrant work culture with plenty of vacation days, a focus on family life, and a love for celebration (think Carnival!).


9) Canada

Canada consistently ranks high for work-life balance. Enjoy stunning landscapes, ample vacation time, and strong worker protections.

United Kingdom

8) United Kingdom

The UK offers a strong work-life balance. Enjoy flexible work arrangements, generous vacation time, and a thriving pub culture for after-work socialising.

The Netherlands

7) Netherlands

The Dutch have it figured out! Cycle to work, enjoy flexible hours, and embrace a healthy separation between work and personal life.


6) Norway

Norway offers breathtaking fjords alongside generous parental leave, short workweeks, and a culture that prioritises family life.


5) Denmark

Denmark tops the charts! Think generous paid leave, a focus on well-being, and a strong emphasis on family time.

Australia Sydney Opera

4) Australia

Australia isn’t just about beaches (although those are pretty great too!). Embrace a relaxed work culture, generous leave policies, and a love for outdoor adventures.

France Eiffel Tower

3) France

The French are masters of work-life balance! Enjoy long lunches, generous vacation time, and a cultural emphasis on savouring life’s pleasures.


2) Spain

Spain knows the value of a good siesta! Enjoy a healthy work-life balance with long lunches, ample vacation time, and a cultural emphasis on leisure.

New Zealand

1) New Zealand

New Zealand isn’t just about stunning scenery! Embrace a relaxed work culture, ample vacation time, and endless opportunities for outdoor adventures.

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