Top 10 African countries with the most rocket projectors

Multiple-launch rocket systems are important artilleries any military can boast, including in Africa. These advanced and potent weapon systems provide important operational and strategic advantages when tackling anything from insurgency to territory defense. They are effective deterrents to aggressors because they provide quick and accurate assaults on any opponent.

Adding Multiple Launch Rocket Systems to African military arsenals is a major step in improving the region’s defense and security capabilities. African militaries can efficiently counter various threats because of MLRS’s potent, mobile, and adaptable weaponry. However, cost, maintenance, integration, and training must all be carefully considered for a successful deployment.

Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) are extremely mobile rocket artillery units that can launch multiple rockets in rapid succession. They can deliver massive amounts of firepower over broad regions swiftly and precisely, making them an effective asset on the battlefield. MLRS’ adaptability allows them to be used in various missions, including counter-battery fire, enemy air defenses (SEAD) suppression, and long-range precision attacks.

MLRS capabilities serve as a deterrence to potential aggressors. The awareness that a military can launch massive and precision long-range strikes can deter enemies from starting wars.

MLRS may be fitted with guided rockets, high-explosive rounds, and cluster bombs, among other types of ordnance. They can carry out a variety of tasks, including precise attacks and conventional bombardment, thanks to their adaptability.

One important application of precision-guided munitions is in asymmetric warfare scenarios that are common in many African locations.

This weapons system is owned by numerous African countries to varying degrees, with that said here are the 10 African countries with the most rocket projectors in 2024, according to Global Fire Power.

Top 10 African countries with the most rocket projectors

[th]Multiple-launch rocket systems[/th]
[th]Global rank[/th]
1. Egypt 1,119 4th
2. Sudan 343 18th
3. Algeria 236 20th
4. Eritrea 219 23rd
5. Morocco 208 26th
6. Angola 123 33rd
7. South Africa 101 36th
8. Ethiopia 79 43rd
9. Republic of Congo 72 47th
10. Libya 55 51st

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