The Nigeria Civil war robbed the Igbos a whole lot of fortunes.

The Nigeria Civil war rob.bed the Igbos a whole lot of fortunes.

Most people believed the war was genocidal as many humanitarian centres such as churches and schools were bom.bed by the federal troops.

Those centres were designed to accommodate women and children (civilians).

The war lasted for three years.

By the end of the war, the Nigerian government denied the Igbos of every assets they had in other states.

Many Igbos who traveled back to Lagos to claim their houses were welcomed by strangers who insisted the houses was now theirs.

Even in Porthacourt, Igbos were denied of their properties.

Painfully, the Igbos lost access to their Nigeria bank account.

No matter how much one had in their Nigeria bank account, they were only eligible to get 20 pounds.

It’s been more than 50 years after the war.

The Igbos whose only compensation was 20 pounds has risen from where they used to be, to an admirable and enviable height.

This goes a long way to prove the undying resilient spirit of the Igbos.

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