Stephanie Coker opens up on heartbreaking experience at Cool FM

Podcast presenter Stephanie Coker-Aderinokun has opened up on the heartbreaking experience while working as a radio host at Cool FM.

During a recent interview with Chude Jideonwo., Stephanie disclosed that the staff at the company mistreated her when she worked there.

“I went to Cool FM to audition. And I dropped the audition tape I recorded. Nobody got back to me. They said they didn’t get anything. So they were like, ‘Come back for another audition. Don’t drop a tape, audition,'” she said

But she added that the reason they didn’t get her tape was because somebody at the company had thrown it away.

Stephanie Coker opens up on heartbreaking experience at Cool FM

“To cut the long story short, somebody threw my audition away at Cool FM, because they felt like ‘This British accent is coming here? No no no.’ They felt threatened. Eventually, I got a job at Cool FM and the person actually told me that they threw my audition away. And I was like ‘Okay,’ she said.

She claimed that every employee at the organization was hostile to her, with the exception of Kayla

“I was treated badly by everyone there, by the way. Only Kaylah seemed to be pleasant, in my opinion”.

She continued by saying that rumors about her having sex with the company’s boss started to circulate.

“I will cry going to work and cry coming back because they were like ‘Ooh she’s sleeping with the boss. That’s how she got this job.’ Everybody was just like ‘She did something doggy to get here,'” she said.

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