Seun Kuti on how Fela’s numerous wives, concubines almost killed him with stress

Nigerian musician, Seun Kuti recounts how Fela’s numerous wives and concubines almost unalived him with stress.

It would be recalled that while he was being featured in a podcast some days ago, he had revealed that aside from marrying 27 women in one day, Fela also had about 100 concubines who were all living with him at his Kalakuta home.

seun kuti fela wives concubines stress

He revealed that his father, Fela Kuti experienced a great deal of stress in handling all the women in his life.

According to him, Fela’s numerous wives and concubines almost became the death of him because of the too much stress they were exerting on him.

Seun Kuti said …

“People only know of Fela’s 27 wives, they don’t know of his over 100 girlfriends that lived with us in the house.

“The wives and girlfriends almost killed Fela with stress.”

Note that the music maestro, Fela Kuti died at the age of 58 from AIDS-related complications.

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