Saida Boj appeals for VeryDarkMan’s release, begs netizens to forgive him

Despite their online differences, Saida Boj shocks many as she clamors for the release of VeryDarkMan.

The two have been very vocal about their mutual dislike for each other and have had many altercations online to prove this.

However, Saida Boj might have developed a soft spot for the activist since his detainment.

Recall that VeryDarkMan was remanded in jail pending his next court appearance.

Saida Boj appeals for VeryDarkMan's release, begs netizens to forgive him

Saida Boj made a video on her page, calling out Nigerians for abandoning him and not fighting for his freedom.

She reiterated his good heart and how he has always fought for poor people without collecting payment for his services.

Saida begged Nigerians to forgive him, while asking that a photo of him is circulated until it reaches the appropriate authorities to secure his release.

Watch the video:

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