NLC Speaks On Strike Resumption Over Minimum Wage

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has announced that they will not be embarking on any strike action starting Tuesday to demand a new national minimum wage. According to Daily Post, this was disclosed by NLC President Joe Ajaero during a press conference on Monday.

Ajaero explained that the figures proposed by the Tripartite Committee are currently under review by President Bola Tinubu. He emphasized that the N62,000 suggested by the government does not mean that labor has accepted it as the new minimum wage.

“We cannot declare a strike now because the figures are with the President. We will wait for the President’s decision,” Ajaero stated. He recalled that during the tenure of the immediate past president, the figure proposed by the tripartite committee was N27,000, which was later increased to N30,000 by the president. Ajaero expressed hope that President Tinubu would make a favorable decision regarding the new minimum wage.

The NLC’s stance reflects a cautious approach, as they await the President’s action on the proposed figures. This decision aims to give room for dialogue and a possible favorable resolution without resorting to strike action.

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