NLC President Ajaero: Nigeria Still Paying More Subsidy, Despite Govt’s Claims

NLC President Joe Ajaero has criticized the government’s claim that fuel subsidy has been removed, stating that Nigeria is still paying more in subsidy. He argues that the government’s actions are contradictory and that the country needs to face reality.

Ajaero also highlighted the issue of corruption, referencing the Justice Okigbo commission report on missing oil windfall and the tendency for loans to disappear.

He emphasized the need for open discussion and solutions to address the country’s problems, which are exacerbated by corruption.

In a recent interview with Vanguard News, Mr. Joe Ajaero said: “Now, between the time this last subsidy was removed and now, is Nigeria not paying more money in subsidy? Now we have to face reality. For sloganeering, we have removed the subsidy, while we are paying more subsidy. We should tell ourselves the truth. You know, there is no need to talk about reserves when they are going to completely loot the reserves. We cannot quickly forget the Justice Okigbo commission report on $12.4 billion missing oil windfall and whatnot. In this country, even when they take a loan, the loan disappears. Why can’t we come out openly and discuss our problem? And look at the hitches which corruption is causing to proffer solutions.”

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