N60k, N62k, N57k, N250k-We All Know These Figures Cannot Take the Average Worker Home-Idahagbon

Henry Idahagbon, former Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General of Edo State, has lamented the inadequacy of current salaries in Nigeria, stating that they are unable to support the average worker. In an interview with Arise TV, Idahagbon listed various salary figures, including N60,000, N62,000, N57,000, and N250,000, emphasising that even the highest amount, N494,000, is insufficient.

He acknowledged the need to consider the government’s capacity to pay but criticised governors who claim they cannot afford to pay the proposed minimum wage of N62,000.

According to him, “It’s unfortunate that we are where we are in the country today. N60,000, N62,000, N57,000, and N250,000-we all know that these figures cannot take the average Nigerian worker home, even the N494,000. But we also have to look at the other side; we have to look at the capacity of the employer (that is, the government) to pay. But let me come to the issue of governors. It lies ill in the mouth of any governor to say they’re not capable of paying N62,000 as the minimum wage.”

Watch the video at 3:10.

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