Morocco-Spain High-Speed Rail Route Set to Link Madrid to Casablanca

Regesca studies have recently brought affirmation that the feasibility studies of the Morocco-Spain High-Speed Rail project and a projected timeline for the execution of the project at a timeline of up to five years. Rabat has began its ambitious plans for the construction of the high-speed railway that will connect Morocco and Spain via the Strait of Gibraltar have recently taken a significant turn-around of events with the new plans proposing the railway to connect the capital of Spain, Madrid, to the Financial capital of Morocco, Casablanca.

According to the Spanish media reports, suggestions are being brought that instead of connecting the traditional hubs, the revised plans of the project now aim to link the Moroccan economic powerhouse city, Casablanca, to the Spanish capital, Madrid.

How Long will it Take to Travel from Morocco to Spain?

The proposed travel duration of this high-speed railway project between Casablanca and Madrid is estimated to be around five and a half hours.

According to a number of viable sources, this change in plans of the project has been brought forth as the three countries of Spain, Morocco, and Portugal make thorough preparations for hosting the 2030 FIFA World Cup.

Morocco-Spain High-Speed Rail Route Set to Link Madrid to Casablanca

The construction of the high-speed railway project is expected to commence in 2025. Its anticipation is constructing an infrastructure that would be quite critical in the region.

Developers of the Morocco-Spain High-Speed Rail Project

Spansish Society for Fixed Communication Studies across the Strait of Gibraltar (Secegsa) which operates under the Transport Ministry, has been accorded the responsibility of spearheading the Morocco-Spain High-Speed Rail project. The recent studies that were conducted by this body made a reaffirming conclusion that the project would be completed within a period of five years.

Morocco-Spain High-Speed Rail Route Set to Link Madrid to Casablanca

The high-speed passenger trains will transport people between four main stations that are distributed between the two countries. The city of Madrid in Spain will serve as the main point of departure and will be followed by a southern train stop that will be in Algeciras, Spain.

Right after making a trip through the newly constructed strait of Gibraltar tunnel, the train will be stopping at Tangier before arriving in its final destination in the Moroccan city of Casablanca.

The Project Draws International Attention

Currently, the logistics details regarding the Morocco-Spain High-Speed Rail project still remain undisclosed, which include the finalizing designs of the railway and the securing of funds that will be used to finance the project. The success of the execution of the high-speed railway project solely depends on the partnership between Morocco, Spain, and other potential outside partners such as the European Union.

The Morocco-Spain High-Speed Rail project has drawn the interest of quite a number of multi-lateral organizations which include the Arab Maghreb Union, European Commission, Barcelona Process, Union for the Mediterranean just to mention a few.

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