Mixed reactions trail video of cute baby girl wearing wig

A video that has captivated the attention of netizens shows an adorable-looking baby girl wearing a wig.

A netizen, Princess Amelia shared the video which showed the expensive-looking wig that she wore the baby in a post she made on her TikTok page.

Mixed reactions trail video of cute baby girl wearing wig

The caption attached to the video revealed that the wig belonged to one of her aunts. However, the hair was seen balancing adorably on her head.

“This is what happens when your baby has so many aunties. The wig was just for fun, nothing serious,” the caption read.

However, some netizens have opined that wearing a little child wig wasn’t an appropriate thing to do.

Read some comments below:

@sukcezzguy said: “‘STOP IT’… it’s giving Tyra Banks.”

@mercyherlz said: “At first I thought it was a doll only after she shook.”

@mukami said: “I thought it was real hair until the wig fell.”

@onlyteddy commented: “Let children Be CHILDREN!”

@emilylyb764 said: “Even with full face makeup, I no go fine like this.”

@The Kenyan Traveler said: “She looks like a doll….toooo beautiful. How adorable.”

Watch the video below:

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