Meet Hamisi, a man who has been sleeping in a coffin for the past 15 years (Video)

Death is inevitable, no man is immortal and no one can escape it when it is their time to leave the world.

Although most of us can control our emotions when faced with death and dead things, these things are intrinsically frightening. A particular kind of phobia known as necrophilia is the fear of dead objects and anything connected to death. This kind of phobia might include fear of dead bodies as well as objects like graveyards, coffins, and tombstones.

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In most cultures around the globe, when one of their loved ones dies, he or she is sent off in a coffin or a  casket but for one Hamisi is where he finds comfort and peace.

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The Tanzanian prosperous middle-aged guy who lives a sumptuous lifestyle has recently stunned many by publicly confessing his uncommon habit: he has been sleeping in a coffin for the past 15 years.

Despite his fortune, Hamisi’s source of riches has scintillated novelty, given his digression from the typical lifestyle. In an interview with Afrimax English, he pointed out that his success is due to hard work and family heritage, adamantly refuting any involvement in cults or devil worship, as gossiped.

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Hamisi elucidated why he prefers to sleep in a coffin, arguing that it contemplates his adventurous personality and nourishes him with a sense of protection while sleeping.

For him, the link of coffins with the dead implies further safety, a strange but comforting option. Surprisingly, Hamisi chose to lay the coffin on his bed, superseding the formal mattress. He justified this odd strategy, contending that it lessens possible posthumous expenditures. He claims that if he dies unawares, his loved ones will not need to spend a lot of money on a coffin because he already has one.

Although Hamisi had kept his night patterns confidential for years, the disclosure had brought unwanted attention to him. After finding out about his coffin-sleeping routine, neighbours call him a devil worshipper, resulting in Hamisi’s isolation from friends and even separation from his family, who were bewildered by his sudden collection of money.

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He didn’t have a social circle, the deviant millionaire admitted, allowing only his housekeeper to enter his bedroom. To rouse him, the maid performed a peculiar ritual whereby she knocked on the coffin six times in total, highlighting an irregularity of his normal routine.

As Hamisi seeks a partner willing to embrace the unconventional lifestyle of sleeping in a coffin, marriage has proved to be a difficult task. Hamisi’s determination to maintain his peculiar nocturnal choice, despite societal ostracism, is unaffected by societal norms.

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