“Many Youths Are Now Disrespecting Us Because They Have Money Than Us”– Veteran Actor Dele Odule Reveals

Veteran actor Dele Odule believes that because many young people are wealthy and unable to handle celebrity, they are starting to treat elderly people disrespectfully.


He stated, “Some people cannot handle stardom and they try to emulate Western culture, which is not ours,” in an interview with Sunday Scoop. Our culture is being “eaten up” by social networking. Nowadays, a lot of youth disdain their elders since they are wealthy and unable to achieve celebrity. Regretfully, they seem to have overlooked the fact that younger competitors remain on the horizon and they could yet surpass them. They won’t understand the significance of what they are doing until then.

The actor also exhorted Nigerians to handle their national currency with more respect. “We should not abuse the naira,” he declared. I even give naira notes to those I want to give financial gifts to when I travel abroad. They ought to spend it at home if they are unable to do so. Even better, if they’d want, they can use it to decorate their interiors. I don’t blame some Nigerians for not even spending the naira again. However, that is regrettable.

“Celebrities should be careful about their lifestyle, because when one displays their lives online excessively, they can easily be a target,” Odule warned, offering safety advice to the famous amid the growing insecurity in the country. Even on their birthdays, I don’t post unnecessary photos or videos of my family members or myself online, and they adore it. People ought to use caution while disclosing personal information.

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