Man in tears as he’s sentenced to life imprisonment over second-hand phone his friend gave him

A Kenyan man, Musa Mukanga, has been sentenced to life imprisonment for accepting a second-hand phone from a friend.

The man’s ordeal reportedly began on September 2nd, 2013, when a friend entrusted him with a mobile phone.

Unbeknownst to him, the device was linked to a criminal act. Naively trusting in his friend’s intentions, he inserted his SIM card and entered his PIN, only to find the phone abruptly shutting down due to low battery.

Seeking a solution, he took the device to his sister’s hotel for charging, retrieving it the next morning before heading to work.

Upon attempting to unlock the device, he realized he lacked the necessary password, rendering it inaccessible.

In a bid to resolve the issue, the man entrusted the phone to his sister, instructing her to return it to his friend, Ng’ang’a, upon his arrival.

Tragically, a week later, the man found himself confronted by law enforcement officers who promptly arrested him, demanding an explanation regarding the phone in his possession.

Confused and unaware of the gravity of the situation, Musa divulged the circumstances surrounding the phone, unwittingly implicating himself and his friend.

Subsequently, both Musa and Ng’ang’a were arrested. Tragically, Ng’ang’a, upon interrogation, admitted to providing Musa with the contentious phone.

Despite Musa’s pleas of innocence and his lack of awareness regarding the phone’s questionable origins, the justice system persisted in its course, sentencing him to death, a penalty later reduced to a life term.

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