Lukas Podolski is now worth £180m after success away from football


  • Podolski enjoyed a successful career in football which saw him play for clubs including Bayern Munich and Arsenal.
  • The German, now 38, reportedly has a net worth of nearly £180 million largely thanks to his kebab shop chain.
  • As well as his kebab shop chain, Podolski owns an ice cream brand, while he has also launched a music festival, sports centre and a football tournament.

Lukas Podolski is still playing football at the age of 38, but the former Arsenal ace is making a fortune away from the pitch. The German forward has a number of businesses outside of his playing career, and his net worth has gone through the roof as a result.

Known as an efficient and effective player on the pitch, it’s clear Podolski has also been a shrewd operator away from the sport. Having scored 49 times for his national side, the ex-Bayern Munich striker is surely coming towards the end of his time in the beautiful game, so it will be important to have interests and ventures in his wider life.

He is still banging in goals for Gornik Zabrze in the Polish top-flight, but is now in his twilight years as a player and will look to continue to grow his outside businesses, which include an ice cream brand, a football tournament and a music festival. None of these are Podolski’s pride and joy, however, as it’s actually his fast food chain that brings in the lion’s share of the profit.


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Lukas Podolski’s staggering net worth

The ex-Gunner is now worth almost £180 million

Lukas Podolski celebrates for Germany

Per The Sun, the German has seen his net worth rise to £177.5 million due to his successful businesses. The biggest of these ventures is his Mangal Doner kebab shop, which was initially opened in the Belgian region of Cologne.

There are now 30 of these branches in Germany as Podolski’s empire grows. Podolski has been forced to passionately defend the prices he charges for food, pointing out the prices of other brands such as McDonald’s.

The specialty of Mangal Doner is the ‘Podolski Sadwich’, which comes with a stack of doner meat and salad. This costs customers £6.77, and this was the biggest source of criticism that was aimed his way. The ex-Arsenal forward was quick to point out that he feels the quality of his food is better than other restaurants operating in a similar market.

Big contracts at elite clubs have contributed to his net worth

Lukas Podolski

Playing for both Bayern Munich and Arsenal, the 38-year-old has had some very lucrative contracts in his 20-year playing career. All of this adds to the total sum of Podolski’s net worth, and he is still making money from the sport, despite not playing for one of the top clubs in Europe anymore.

It will be interesting to see if he moves into coaching as many of his peers have done once he decides it’s time to hang up his boots, or if he will put his full focus on his fast food business.

Podolski was quietly underrated during his time at the Emirates Stadium, as he scored 31 goals in only 82 appearances for the north London club. The majority of those games were played from the left wing, although the team as a whole were in the midst of an underwhelming period in their history at the time.


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