“Lagos is a wild place” – Shocking moment a young man’s chicken was snat.ched in traffic (WATCH)

Nigerian man has taken to social media to share the shocking moment his chicken was snatched in Lagos traffic while he was filming himself.

The young man identified as @kayzywizzzy stated that the action happened swiftly and unexpected. He expressed shock after the chicken he was eating in his car was snatched from him in traffic.

In the viral video, the young man was in the car recording himself and lamenting about the traffic ahead, unknown to him the thief was beside the car monitoring him.

As he tried to take a bite of the chicken, the thief jumped out of the corner and quickly snatched the chicken while he took to his heels simultaneously. Meanwhile, the thief was aiming for his phone but he grabbed the chicken instead.

In his tweet, he wrote,

“Lagos is a wild place, I’m tired why you go snatch person chicken for traffic??? Omo funny thing is my phone I use privacy screen on my phone with a low brightness, I would have noticed him when he showed in the video at first before grabbing”

Responding to the unexpected situation, the man explained that he didn’t notice the guy appeared in his video because his phone was on low brightness and he uses a privacy screen.

As the video surface online, social media users expressed shock and relieve stating that the thief was unfortunate to grab the chicken as he was aiming for the man’s phone.

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