Israel Working to Rid Gaza of Hamas

Israel’s defence minister Yoav Gallant says the country will not accept the rule of Hamas in Gaza and it is considering alternatives. This is a further hint it will set aside a ceasefire proposal announced by US President Joe Biden as Palestinian fighters continue to resist the invasion.

Gallant paid a visit to Israel’s southern command on Sunday and provided an update on the ongoing military operation.

He said, “The forces are fighting with great determination and destroying the oxygen pipeline that connects the Gaza Strip with Egypt, we are strangling Hamas and not allowing it to continue to exist – it will not have the ability to reinforce, strengthen and arm itself.”

Following 8 months of conflict, spanning fronts such as the Red Sea, the Syrian border, and Lebanon, Israeli officials are striving to control the political trajectory in the Gaza Strip.

Israel Working to Rid Gaza Of Hamas

“The security establishment, following my instruction, is preparing the ruling alternative to Hamas, when we isolate areas, we will remove the Hamas people from them and introduce other forces into them that will enable another government that will also threaten Hamas.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under increasing pressure in the wake of a proposal to release the remaining hostages in exchange for an extended ceasefire.
More than 36,370 Palestinians have lost their lives in Gaza at the hands of Israeli troops. Israel’s far-right cabinet has categorically rejected any possibility of a path to Palestinian statehood.

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