If Anybody Dreams That They Can Impeach Governor Fubara, That Person Should Go And Dream Again – Asari Dokubo

Alhaji Asari Dokubo, Chieftain of the Kalabari Kingdom, has reacted to the Rivers State Crisis. He stated that if anybody dreams that they can impeach Governor Sim Fubara, that person should go and dream again, because that dream is not correct. He added that Fubara was declared the governor of Rivers State by the Supreme Court; therefore, nobody can impeach him without any legitimate reason.

Speaking further in the video posted on Facebook, Asari stated that nobody can impeach governor Sim Fubara because they will not allow it, except if the person tells them what the governor did that is worth him being impeached.

According to him, “If anybody tells you that you can impeach the governor of Rivers State and nothing will happen, tell the person that if you dreamt that dream was not true, and if you tell someone, the person will tell you to go and dream again. You cannot impeach the governor; we will not allow you because you have not told us what the governor did.”

Video Link: Start the video at [15:12].

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