I have told Wike several times that Fubara will retire him from politics-Abdul-Aziz Na’ibi Abubakar

The ongoing political feud in Rivers state between Governor Siminalayi Fubara and his predecessor, Nyesom Wike, has escalated, with Abdul-Aziz Na’ibi Abubakar, a media aide to Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in the 2023 presidential election, claiming that he had forewarned Wike of his impending downfall at the hands of Governor Fubara. Abubakar asserted that recent events, particularly the court’s decision to declare 25 seats in the Rivers Assembly vacant, have only served to reinforce his predictions.

In a statement shared on his official X handle, Abubakar expressed satisfaction in seeing his warnings materialize, emphasizing that Wike’s political influence has been severely diminished in the wake of the court’s ruling. He jubilantly declared that Wike’s once formidable authority has now been reduced to insignificance, leaving him virtually powerless in the state’s political landscape.

Abdul-Aziz Na’ibi Abubakar reiterated his stance, highlighting the consequences of the court’s verdict on Wike’s political career. He pointed out the irony of Wike’s predicament, emphasizing that Governor Fubara’s rise to prominence has effectively signaled the end of Wike’s political tenure.

With the declaration of the vacant assembly seats, Abubakar argued that Wike’s relevance in Rivers state politics has been greatly undermined, leaving him with little political capital to wield. He questioned the significance of Wike’s remaining influence, suggesting that his political standing has been irreparably damaged by recent events.

Abubakar’s comments underscore the deepening rift between the two political figures and the escalating tensions within the Rivers state political arena. As Governor Fubara consolidates his power, Wike finds himself increasingly marginalized, facing an uncertain future in the turbulent world of Nigerian politics.

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