Faithful five! These are the most loyal zodiac signs on the chart

A quality most cherished in a romantic relationship or a platonic friendship is loyalty. While the tendency to form a strong bond depends on individual experiences and core nature, astrology plays a part in determining this character trait as well. Know about the most loyal zodiac signs and why they are called so.

Taurus, Scorpio or Virgo – which is the most loyal zodiac sign and why?


most loyal zodiac signs

This fixed earth sign ruled by Venus ranks first when listing loyal zodiac signs. Faithful in their dealings, steadfast in their approach and indulgent in their behaviour, this sign is rated highly as a partner or a friend. Symbolised by a celestial bull, they could, however, be perceived as stubborn or too rooted in their approach. While this is somewhat true, the same quality makes them one of the most stable and dependable signs on the wheel.

The fixed modality combined with the earth element determines their passion to remain loyal to one person and not stir away from the path of monogamy easily.


A mutable earth sign ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury, is one of the most faithful signs. They have the qualities of being trustworthy and dependable which is true for all earth signs. Additionally, they are always self-reflective and straightforward in their approach. Practical to the core, they are likely not to make decisions based on haste or impulse. They weigh all the pros and cons of a situation and calculate the consequences before taking any action. This is why loyalty is one of their strongest suits.


Passionate, intuitive and emotionally deep, Scorpios are fixed water signs ruled by the planet of rebirth and destruction, Pluto. They are sensitive and very particular about who they let into their inner circle; but once they do, they trust them with their life.

They also tend to get vengeful and can hold on to grudges if their close ones betray them. This is one sign that takes loyalty very seriously.



Attached to their homes and hearths, the moon rules this crustacean water sign. They are sensitive to the people they love and are known for their empathy and care for their family and friends. Cancers often form deep and emotional bonds. They are devoted to them but retreat into their shell if they feel that they are taken advantage of.

This is also a sun sign that is most likely to go back to their ex because once emotionally involved, they can’t move on with ease as they are fiercely loyal to their feelings.


This fixed air sign likes to stay detached and focus on higher goals in life. But once in a relationship, they mate for life. They are stable, calm and can perceive any situation holistically. They are also careful thinkers and seldom let their impulses rule them.

This sign symbolised by a water bearer is ruled by the planet of revolution, Uranus. Though unconventional in their approach, they are devoted to one person because they commit after a lot of consideration. They may seem distant from time to time but are intensely loyal.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

-What zodiac signs are loyal?
Virgo, Taurus, Aquarius and Cancer make up for loyal partners.

-Which zodiac sign is not loyal?
Libra, Gemini and Sagittarius are more adventurous and like to experiment. They can be disloyal relationships as well.

-Which zodiac is the sweetest?
Pisces and Cancer are the sweetest zodiac signs.

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