Couples can get married while completely naked on this beach

In Sardinia, one of the most picturesque islands in Europe, naturists will be able to marry in a unique way.

The local authorities have decided to allow completely naked weddings on Is Benas beach.

As local government officials explain, this is a step intended to encourage naturists to travel to the Italian island, as well as to emphasise the value of freedom.

The idea for naturist weddings arose when a German couple asked if they could get married on a beach designated for nudists. Luigi Tedeschi, the mayor of the town closest to this beach, San Vero Milis, did not hesitate for a moment.

Tedeschi emphasised in an interview with CNN that nudity has nothing to do with sex. “For naturists, it is a philosophy of life, related to nature. Is Benas beach, a mixture of naturists and clothed tourists, will become a symbol of freedom and acceptance,” explained the Italian local government official.

The authorities plan to create a network of naturist beaches throughout Sardinia, creating a route that will attract this type of tourists. Tedeschi noted that areas reserved for naturists are always clean, unlike other parts of the beach.

30 kilometres of beautiful, wide beaches

The San Vero Milis region is one of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe, with almost 30 km of beach, surrounded by vast dunes and pine forests.

Sardinia is known mainly for its pristine, mountainous terrain and spectacular beaches.

Tedeschi emphasizes that the decision to have naturist weddings is an expression of freedom and acceptance. “People can wear what they want,” he said. “As long as the principle is to affirm people’s freedom, everything is fine.”

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