Cooking gas price reduced in Nigeria

The costs of cooking gas have seen a significant decrease across the country. The cost of essential household cooking gas has substantially decreased from previous weeks, offering relief to many families.

Later information obtained from a comprehensive study conducted reveals the encouraging downward trend in cooking gas costs.

Just a few weeks back, consumers were burdened with exorbitant costs, with cooking gas priced as high as ₦1,300 per kg. However, the latest survey shows a significant reduction in costs, bringing relief to buyers amid ongoing financial challenges.

According to the survey findings, the current cost reductions vary across different cylinder sizes, with consumers benefiting from more affordable options compared to recent weeks. For instance, the cost per kilogram now stands at ₦900, marking a significant decrease from the previous rate of ₦1,300.

This reduction in costs comes as a result of various factors contributing to a more favorable market environment.

Improved supply chain elements, coupled with stability in global energy markets, have played a crucial role in driving down costs and alleviating the financial burden on consumers.

Current Cooking Gas Costs:

– 1 kg: ₦900

– 2 kg: ₦1,800

– 3 kg: ₦2,700

– 5 kg: ₦4,500

– 6 kg: ₦5,400

– 10 kg: ₦9,000

– 12 kg: ₦10,800

– 12.5 kg: ₦11,250

– 50 kg: ₦45,000

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