CBN Exchange Rate For Euro, Pounds And Other Currencies

The Nigerian Naira, in a significant economic turnaround has shown remarkable strength against the US dollar, trading below ₦1,000 in some segments of the black market.

This development is attributed to a series of strategic financial policies implemented by President Bola Tinubu’s administration and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Recent reports from Naija News indicate that the Naira has surpassed crucial resistance levels, marking a notable recovery from the instability that plagued the currency since June of the previous year.

The resurgence comes after a period of steep devaluation, which had posed severe challenges to the Nigerian economy.

The CBN’s proactive measures, including an increase in interest rates to 24.75% and targeted interventions in the foreign exchange market, have been pivotal in stabilizing and boosting the Naira’s value.

These actions reflect the government’s commitment to restoring confidence in Nigeria’s financial markets and curbing inflationary pressures.

The strengthening of the Naira is expected to have positive implications for the Nigerian economy.

It enhances the purchasing power of consumers, reduces the cost of imports, and provides a more stable environment for businesses and foreign investors.

As the Tinubu-led government continues to implement economic reforms, the focus remains on maintaining currency stability and fostering sustainable economic growth.

The recent success in the forex market has been welcomed by businesses and consumers alike, who are optimistic about the potential for continued economic improvement under the current administration.

Here is the CBN buying and selling price for Euro, Pounds and other currencies:

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