CAC Registration: Group Appeals for Extension Of Deadline For POS Operators

A group of CAC agent operators has appealed to financial institutions, including OPAY, PALMPAY, and MONIEPOINT, among others, to extend the May 31st deadline given to Point of Sales (PoS) operators for uploading their CAC certificates.

This appeal comes as the deadline given to PoS operators by some financial institutions draws near.

Recalled that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) issued a July 7, 2024, deadline for PoS operators to complete registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

The group, while pleading on behalf of the PoS operators, said: “Lots of people come to us for business name registration on the CAC portal, but we hardly get anyone registered successfully in just one week.

“The business name registration that used to take seven days now takes a whole month to process, yet it is still pending.

“We appeal that the deadline for uploading CAC documents be extended to after June, while the May 31st deadline be quashed. It is not their fault. The whole fault is with the CAC.

“The pre-website of the CAC is so bad that we hardly complete any registration in just 39 days. Another challenge we face is being given another person’s BN number, making us think it is ours exclusively.”

One of the agents, who spoke under anonymity, stated that it took the CAC weeks to approve the registration he submitted, only to be given the same BN number as another entity.

“The business name I registered is SIMA AND IYANIWURA COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES. Why would you give the same BN number (BN 7517925) to both me and VINCENT STORES on the same day, May 24, 2024? After many weeks of pending registrations, I was given the same BN number. Do you want us to share it?

“OPAY, PALMPAY, MONIEPOINT, and CBN, please help us to remove May 31st, 2024, as the deadline for every PoS agent to upload their CAC certificate. They have done the needful. It is the CAC that is not approving pending registrations.”

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