BEN 2-1 NGA: Two Worst Mistakes Made by Finidi George in Nigeria’ 2-1 Defeat to Benin Republic.

The Super Eagles of Nigeria suffered a shocking 2-1 defeat against Benin Republic in the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers, leading to disappointment among fans and significant criticism of coach Finidi George’s tactical decisions.

Let’s examine the two key mistakes that contributed to this unexpected result.

1. Vulnerability in Set Pieces:

Both of Benin’s goals originated from set pieces, exposing a clear weakness in Nigeria’s defensive setup. The absence of Victor Osimhen, a strong aerial presence, further exacerbated this vulnerability. George’s decision to overlook set piece defense during training is perplexing, especially considering Benin’s established proficiency in this aspect. This became a significant weakness in the game.

2. Rigidity in Tactics:

Persisting with a 4-3-3 formation throughout the match, despite its ineffectiveness, demonstrated a lack of tactical flexibility. Nigeria failed to adapt to the challenges posed by Benin’s style of play because they adhered strictly to one formation. The predictability of the Super Eagles’ play made it easy for Benin to defend against, as George did not implement the necessary changes.

BEN 2-1 NGA: Two Worst Mistakes Made by Finidi George in Nigeria' 2-1 Defeat to Benin Republic.

The defeat has sparked criticism of George’s handling of the team’s tactical approach and his decision-making during the match.

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