Bag of Rice Price in Nigeria Today, March 14, 2024 – Here’s the Latest Update

Rice in Nigeria

Rice holds a significant place in the Nigerian diet, being one of the most widely consumed staples across the nation. Nigeria, both a major producer and consumer of rice, boasts a diverse range of rice varieties catering to various tastes and preferences.

Nigeria’s rice market features a variety of brands catering to different consumer needs and budgets. Here’s a breakdown of some popular rice brands and their current prices:

1. Mama Gold Rice

Mama Gold rice, renowned for its quality and quick cooking time, is a favorite among many Nigerians. Here are the prices for different sizes of Mama Gold rice:

  • Mama Gold 50kg Rice: ₦85,000 — ₦90,000
  • Mama Gold 25kg Rice: ₦40,500 — ₦45,000
  • Mama Gold 10kg Rice: ₦20,500 — ₦25,500

Note: Prices may vary depending on location and market dynamics.

2. Royal Stallion Rice

Market by Stallion Group of Companies, Royal Stallion Rice is another popular choice among consumers. Here are the prices for Royal Stallion rice:

  • Royal Stallion 50kg Rice: ₦85,000 — ₦95,000
  • Royal Stallion 25kg Rice: ₦40,500 — ₦45,000
  • Royal Stallion 10kg Rice: ₦20,500 — ₦25,500

Note: Prices are subject to market variations.

3. Rice Master Rice

Known for its quality and affordability, Rice Master is a trusted brand in the Nigerian market. Here are the current prices for Rice Master rice:

  • Rice Master 50kg Rice: ₦85,000 — ₦90,000
  • Rice Master 25kg Rice: ₦40,500 — ₦45,000

4. Caprice Rice

Caprice rice, valued for its affordability and taste, remains a sought-after brand across Nigeria. Here are the prices for Caprice rice:

  • Caprice 50kg Rice: ₦90,000 — ₦95,000
  • Caprice 25kg Rice: ₦45,500 — ₦50,500

5. Other Rice Varieties and Market Prices

  • Nigerian Rice: ₦85,000 – ₦90,000 (per 50kg bag)
  • Falcon Rice (25kg): ₦25,500 — ₦35,000
  • Basmati Rice (5kg): ₦20,500 — ₦35,500
  • Ofada Rice (5kg): ₦18,500 — ₦25,500 (per 5kg bag)

Note: Prices may vary based on location, brand, and market conditions.

Market Prices in Key Locations

  • Bodija Market, Ibadan (Oyo State): ₦90,500 (per 50kg bag)
  • Dawanau Market, Kano (Kano State): ₦85,850 (per 50kg bag)
  • Gombe Market, Gombe State: ₦85,600 (per 50kg bag)
  • Prices in other cities: Lagos, Abuja, Jos, Ilorin, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Sokoto (varying from ₦85,000 to ₦95,500 for a 50kg bag)

Note: Prices are subject to change and may vary in different markets.

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